Saturdays -  4:30pm     Sundays - 8 & 10 am

Reconciliation: Saturdays 3:30pm

Adoration:  1st Sundays 9-10 am



   816-630-6659  or

To register, rent the parish hall, reserve a meeting room, request a mass intention, submit item for the bulletin or in need of sacramental records contact the Parish Office.  
Bulletin Deadline is Monday at 10 am. 

Business Office:

816-630-9696 or

To request contribution reports, update contact info, request or decline envelope information, parishsoft questions or business information contact this office.  


Parish Staff

Fr. Mike Roach, Administrator ,

Chris Sanders, Pastoral Associate,    816-630-5874

Patty Unterreiner, Director of  RCIA /DYM,  816-630-7790

Eric Brintzinghoffer, Business Manager,   816-630-9696

Ernie Collins, Liturgical Coordinator,

Vanessa Greim, Respect Life Coordinator 816-277-8337

Finance Committee

Meet on the 1st Monday of the month at 7pm.

Fr Mike Roach

Byron Colvin

Ken Oyen

Louis Angles

Sandy Barnes

Traci Spillman